Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Silver Surfers Guide: Enriching Omaha Senior Living with Technology

Nope, we're not going to talk about seniors dressing up or trying to identify themselves as the Marvel comic book character. (Although that would be a treat for seniors with interests for vintage comic books, don't you think?) The expression “silver surfer” originating from English countries actually refers to stereotyped “silver”-haired techie seniors, who “surf” the internet leisurely. Modern inventions aim to make the lives of the elderly more convenient.

Technology Classes

Interactive classes that engage seniors in technology usage are widely available. These aim to rid skeptical seniors of their aversion to technology and integrate benefits of innovations into senior living in Omaha. Classes may be focused one-on-one computer instruction or classroom settings. Most tech classes are offered voluntarily, so seniors learn at no financial cost while the instructors earn community service or plain goodwill.

Social Networking

Through social networks, communication has been the greatest gap bridged by technology. Massive social media sites like Facebook allow seniors to reach distant relatives or peers and enrich relationships. They get doses of learning or entertainment through shared reading materials, interesting discussions and news feeds. They also get to unleash their creative sides through posts.

Gadget Frenzy

More and more manufacturers are taking the elderly population by electronic storm. In effect, technology has been a mainstay in assisted living for Omaha, Nebraska residents. A lot of gadgets from cellphones and tablets to specialized computer programs are marketed to this target group. Studies are continually showing how, for instance, apps and video games keep sharp senior minds.

Safety First!

Aside from recreational purposes, gadgets can also promote safety and emergency preparedness for the elderly. Among the nifty innovations are medical alert tags or buttons, “smart” maintenance drug dispensers, ergonomic walking aids, etc. Tracking and medical response is made efficient, especially for elders with life-threatening ailments or wandering tendencies with dementia.

Of course, human intervention is still key in improving senior living. Comfort Keepers, who may accompany or supervise seniors throughout the day, can be hands-on in ensuring safety and enjoyment. Call (402)-671-0448 to find out how home health providers can support senior care.


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