Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Keeping the Blues at Bay: Caregivers and Depression

Compassion and sympathy are two of the most important traits an individual should possess if they wish to have a career in assisted living in Omaha. Seniors are just like any other elderly everywhere: prone to feeling down from the burden of the years, and the people who look after them are in a position to absorb and resolve that negativity.

Awareness is Key

It is crucial to be aware of the possibility of depression in the assisted living industry. Knowing the most common emotional problems that afflict seniors, these issues become easier to manage when they inevitably emerge. This puts you in a better position to be of most help to your loved one.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Help

Just as we give so much of ourselves to give care to others, we also require help for ourselves from time to time. Actively seek out a support system of friends, family and peers to talk to when work becomes difficult. It’s very important for you as a caregiver to know that you are not alone. It's helpful to know that there are many who share your experiences, or at least have a willing ear to listen.
Never hesitate to get professional help when you feel that you need it. Remember that taking care of your own emotional well-being is integral to your ability to provide the care your loved one needs.

Depression can occur frequently in Omaha senior living situations, and understanding this will equip you with the means to be a firm emotional anchor for your loved one.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dietary Care for Seniors

A healthy diet is beneficial for every person no matter how old or young, but good nutrition is especially critical among seniors. More than that, however, is the consideration that each senior may be afflicted with different groups or combinations of diseases, which could affect the types of food that they can or cannot eat. Since feeding is such a big part of home health care in Omaha, residents taking care of elderly relatives will want to know the best way to make sure that their loved-ones are fed right.

Make Good Culinary Choices

As people grow old, their stomachs and metabolism get weaker. They may feel discomfort while eating because of dentures or oral implants, and gradually lose their sense of taste and smell. Slowly, all the things that made eating such a worthy activity are disappearing or becoming uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to emphasize cooking foods that not only taste good, but are packed with nutrients that meet the seniors' daily needs. Nutrient-dense foods such as whole grains, bright-colored vegetables, deep-colored fruits, and low or non-fat dairy products are highly recommended.

Avoid Bad Food Calls

Just as it is important to make good choices on food served to seniors, bad decisions will also have to be avoided. Stay away from sugar, especially simple sugars, since overconsumption of this can cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate wildly, which could lead to type II diabetes. It is important to avoid high-fat meat and dairy as well. The saturated fat in these foods can block arteries, and result in heart ailments. Consult with your doctor as well, as there may be other dietary options that will have to be avoided because of some senior-onset diseases or contraindications in medication. When talking with the doctor, it is ideal to discuss the specific consequences or side effects one can expect if the dietary guidelines are not followed.

While it is important to control the diet of senior citizens, you should also consider the fact that they are still adults, and are more likely to want to assert their independence. So while it may be difficult to give the proper standards of senior care, Omaha residents should firmly yet gently guide their senior loved ones to the right path. If it gets too overwhelming to take care of seniors, assisted living professionals like those from Comfort Keepers are always ready to help.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bedroom Care for an Aging Loved One

As your loved ones age, living alone can be challenging. There will come a time when you have to be with them often and assist them with their daily needs. This includes caring for them when they sleep or rest in their bedrooms. Caring for the elderly requires patience and this is exactly what professional services such as Comfort Keepers provides. Their goal is to provide the best senior care that Omaha residents can hope for. 

However, some people prefer a personal touch when caring for a family member. If you are one of those, here is some advice on how to care for a senior loved one.

Keep The Bedroom Safe and Clutter-free

Older people have weaker bodies and tend to bruise easily. This is because as we get older, our skin becomes thinner and our capillaries become more fragile, making it easier for the elderly to get bruised. Although this is not a serious matter, it is a good idea to prevent this happening. Ensure that the bedroom is furnished with a lot of soft surfaces, and de-clutter the room to reduce the chances of bumps or falls.

Facilitate Healthy Sleep

For seniors, it often takes longer, and is more difficult, to fall asleep. Additionally, they tend to wake up numerous times during the night. Some of the possible causes of this include the body's natural aging process, neurological and other medical conditions, effects of medication and even mood disorders. Whatever the case may be, it is crucial to help seniors get sufficient sleep. Avoid serving them caffeine-based drinks or big meals close to bedtime. It is also a good idea to encourage them to make it a habit to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Exercising early in the morning will greatly help as well.

Keep Medicines Nearby

As we get older, medicines become a huge part of our daily routine. Since the elderly have limited mobility, it's important to keep important items such as medicines nearby. This avoids the need for them to leave their bed or their bedroom to get their medicine. This lessens the risk of them bumping into things or falling off the bed.

Arguably one of the most difficult things you'll have to do for a family member is senior care Omaha. Residents have the heart and dedication to care for their loved ones even in the twilight years. However, if things get too tough, feel free to call a trusted senior care provider like Comfort Keepers.