Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Comfort Keeper

When choosing a provider of home health care, Omaha seniors and their relatives need to be careful in their selection. Comfort Keepers are recognized for their skill as well as their compassion in caring for the elderly. It is good to remember though, when choosing a Comfort Keeper, that each adds their own touch to caregiving. Here are some other factors to consider when choosing a Comfort Keeper for your elderly loved ones.

Needs/Abilities of the Elderly

It is important to determine the level of care required when choosing your caregiver. Your senior loved one's needs and abilities will dictate what kind of care will be required of your Comfort Keeper. Is it simple companionship with some housekeeping that's needed? Or something more medical?

Caregivers Skill and Knowledge

What kind of training or certifications have your potential caregivers received? Are they physically and mentally able to deal with the required needs? Previous experience is also something to consider in order to reassure you of the Comfort Keeper's ability.

Experience with a Similar Case

In special cases where illnesses such as Alzheimer’s are an added concern, any previous experience with a similar situation is most helpful. It means that they will know what to do in case unforeseen circumstances occur.

Amount of Supervision

How often will someone check on the progress of the Comfort Keeper? This is especially important to maintain a high quality of care and also to keep concerned relatives updated and at ease.

Getting Along with the Elderly

As the Comfort Keeper will be working very closely with your elderly loved one, how they get along should be considered. It's very important that for the elderly in Omaha assisted living shouldn't feel intrusive and debasing. Rather, senior care should feel empowering and that can only come from a good relationship with the caregiver.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Caregiving across Generations

For any of a variety of reasons, it’s not so uncommon for families of multiple generations to live under a single roof. If you find yourself in a situation of needing to care for both your children and your parents at the same time, it’s likely that you are familiar with the considerable challenges. However, you should never think that you and your spouse need to carry the entire burden of caregiving on your own.

The most important thing is to keep communication open between generations. The elderly are mostly frustrated over being unable to take care of themselves, and this anger at their failing bodies tends to get channeled outwards as irritation towards everyone else.

Patiently communicating with your elderly loved ones goes a long way in easing their lives. Establishing a respectful and loving relationship between the elderly and your children is very beneficial, as the older generation has a lot of guidance to share and stories they’d love to tell.

Children should be made to understand the situation with their grandparents, as the occasional tantrum can be quite traumatic to a child who may translate a frustrated grandmother’s irritation to be their fault. If handled well, children are largely accepting and patient. Their company and availability to meet the elderly’s emotional needs are quite beneficial to your family life.

Don’t overburden yourself. Help is available should you need it. If you find yourself overwhelmed, there are professionals like Comfort Keepers who can lend a hand with Omaha senior living. Give us a call at 402-671-0448.