Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Two Most Important Traits of a Comfort Keeper

Not anyone can be a Comfort Keeper, a provider of some of the best home health care Omaha has to offer. This isn’t a matter of exclusivity. Far from any notion of elitism, the notion of being a Comfort Keeper isn’t associated with any grand accolades. Ours is a gentle work that springs from giving hearts. To be a Comfort Keeper, you must have:
A Caring, Loving Spirit
Providing health care to those who have come to find it difficult to fend for themselves is an act of noble mercy and unconditional love. It takes a caring spirit to truly find fulfillment and solace in our work, but those who manage to are among the best of folk. If you are drawn to compassion and are possessed of an inclination to aid those who need it most, you may find not only a suitable calling, but also good employ with us.
The Desire to Take an Active Role in Helping Others
Here at Comfort Keepers, we’re aware that just keeping our clients fed and clean do not form the boundaries of our responsibility. We realize that our clients deserve far more than a hand to hold the spoon to their mouths, but a companion in retaining the love of life.
Comfort Keepers should be willing to take steps in making positive changes in their clients’ daily lives that go beyond meeting their physical needs. You would make a great Comfort Keeper if you are driven to become an active conduit of happiness, and if you are naturally vitalized by exercising your capability to make others’ lives not just easier, but better.

To be a Comfort Keeper is far more than a job. It is more of a calling to those who are energized by giving of themselves. If you feel that you are suited to provide the level of senior care Omaha is beloved for, we may have a home for you.