Thursday, June 5, 2014

3 Signs Your Parents Need Home Assistance

No dutiful son or daughter would think twice about enlisting home assistance services for one’s aging parents. After all, their parents took care of them until they were ready to become adults and vital members of society. Certain instances, in particular, warrant third-party senior care services.

Frequent accidents at home
You can design a home to be more senior-friendly, but you can’t make it entirely accident-proof. For instance, your elderly mom or dad may be simply reaching for the cereal box in the cupboard atop the kitchen counter but doesn’t notice the messy rug on the floor, thus tripping on it as a result. For seniors who have weak bones, these accidents pose hazards like bone fractures and concussions.

Personal hygiene challenges
When you were a kid, your parents always reminded you about the importance of good hygiene. This time around, it’s your turn to make sure they maintain optimum personal hygiene. If one or both parents are unable to take a bath properly or dress without much difficulty because of physical conditions like arthritis, it may be time to consider home assistance services.

Age-related diseases

Aging parents are no longer in the peak of their health and are, thus, prone to illnesses. If your parent has been diagnosed with a rather serious age-related disease like Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, or kidney failure, then you’ll want to provide only the best senior care.


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